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My #1 Tip For Thanksgiving

Posted by on Nov 20, 2017 in All Food + Nutrition, Featured, Nutrition | 0 comments


Guess what? Deprivation, even during the holidays, isn’t really a healthy approach.

There’s nothing very new there, right?

But why do we do more harm than good when we restrict food and deprive ourselves?

Because it breeds more of an “all or nothing” mentality, or what I like to call a diet mentality.

Remember a time when you went for so long without certain foods or feeling really hungry — like when you were dieting — and you finally decided to break and have a chocolate chip cookie. But instead of the one cookie, you had the entire box of cookies, plus half a bag of potato chips?

That’s what happens when we have an all or nothing mindset. “Well, I’ve already blown the damn thing. I’m just going to go all out and have EVERYTHING I want…then start over tomorrow.” Ugh.

Instead of that mindset, I’d like to suggest that you switch to a healthier mindset. More of a “I’ll have a bite of this, and a little but not too much of that” mindset. And Thanksgiving, along with the rest of the holiday season, is a perfect time to apply it.

This is where the crowding out concept really works well.

My #1 tip for Thanksgiving, or any other holiday: Use the concept of “crowding out.”

Crowding out simply means you add in more of the good stuff first — leaving less room for junkier, not-as-healthy foods. You crowd out first with the healthy options. And it certainly doesn’t ever mean fully taking out your favorite occasional guilt-free indulgences.

So, here’s an example: at both mine and my husband’s family’s Thanksgivings, there will be an abundance of unhealthy options. Think pies galore, highly processed breads and crackers on the appetizer tray, extra sugar in everything.

So, what I’ll do is bring my own healthy dishes and nibble from those dishes first. This way I know I’ll be getting some foods that have some nutritional value.

I’m planning to bring a brussels sprout and sweet potato dish that has just a tiny bit of maple syrup and is made with olive oil. I’ll put a big serving of that on my plate and fill up first on it, along with a few bites of raw veggies and some of the turkey, before I move on to the dressing (that’s what we call it in the south) or the casseroles.

This means my body will be getting some good protein (turkey) and fiber (brussels, sweet potatoes and other veggies) which helps with fullness and satiety. I’ll also drink plenty of water (b.y.o. sparkling water with lime) which will further help me to feel full before it’s time to cut the pecan pie.

Then, the idea is that a little nibble of pie or other favorite dessert will be enough to satisfy, because you’re already pretty full from nutrient-dense foods and plenty of water before you get there.

See, crowding out!

A few important points to remember around applying the crowding out concept:

  • Drink plenty of water. Water also helps us to feel full, and our bodies’ hunger and thirst signals are the same so often when we still feel hungry, we are actually in need of water.
  • Eat the healthier foods first. Choose raw and cooked veggies, protein like turkey, some good fats like a handful of nuts off the appetizer tray…you get it. Fill up with healthier foods first so you aren’t starving when the less healthy foods are passed around.
  • Plan ahead. Bring a healthy dish with you, if you aren’t sure there will be one. I always like to bring a vegetable dish, just in case all the other vegetable options are covered in cheese, french fried onions, etc. By bringing my own, I know I will at least have one healthy option to go to.


Here’s a bonus tip for you for what you can do after the Thanksgiving feast (or after any other holiday):

Get back on track immediately.

Don’t let the holiday keep going for days and days. Get the sugary, processed, heavy foods out right away, and jump back on track right away with a liquid-only day, or with the help of my 5-Day RESET program.

I love a liquid-only day because it gives my digestive system a much-needed break after having to digest all the heavy foods that a holiday like Thanksgiving brings. Click here if you’d like to read more about how to do it.

My 5-Day RESET program is another wonderful option to help you get back on track right away and gain control of your cravings in just 5 days. You’ll completely reset your blood sugar, kick those holiday sugar cravings, lose weight around your midsection, notice clearer skin, and gain energy. Click here to read more about it and hear what some of my past customers have said about it.


Whatever you do this Thanksgiving, just don’t hold onto guilt around food that you’ve eaten or choices you’ve made. I truly believe that the guilt and shame feelings we place on ourselves when we eat foods that aren’t on our plan or when we’ve eaten too much, are even more harmful in and damaging to our bodies than the actual food itself.

Guilt and shame are two of the lowest vibration emotions on the emotional guidance scale ladder, and we know that our bodies can hold onto and store negative emotions. So no matter what you eat or drink, let go of it and know that you can wake up the next morning and start over with better choices around your health.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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