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The 7 Tools I Leaned On When I Quit Alcohol

Posted by on Oct 6, 2017 in Featured, Self Love, Self-Love + Self-Care, Sobriety, Wellbeing | 2 comments

The 7 Tools I Leaned On When I Quit Alcohol

I am asked¬†weekly if not daily¬†by all the beautiful women in my life, whether I know them well or whether they are an online acquaintance, why I quit drinking alcohol and what it’s done for me in my life by doing so. I think about how I want to answer this question a lot, but honestly it’s hard to convey every single thing behind my choice. I’ve talked about it before in a previous blog post and have shared my top 5 learnings on my one-year mark of living sober. But my reasoning for quitting alcohol seems to be ever evolving. At this point I’ve summed it up to this:...

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